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Company history

Originally, in 1970, GLR was owned by three founders: Roland Gagnon, Jean Lortie and Marcel Racine. In 1984, “Les Placements Fernand Houle” acquire the majority of the shares of the company. With this important deal, GLR became an affiliated company to EBC Inc.

Specializing in the construction of overhead electrical energy transportation systems, GLR has progressed continiously experiencing an exceptional growth rate. Expertise and capacity level was developed by adopting and maintaining schedules and costs control while delivering high standards of execution quality. Qualified manpower coupled with equipment adapted and renewed for specific projects has allowed GLR to fulfill its undertakings to the complete satisfaction of its customers.

In Quebec, GLR is one Hydro-Quebec’s respected main contractor, and looking forward to compete on the international market.

Great Achievements:

  • GLR has built many thousand km of steel and wood electric transmission lines ranging from 25 to 735 kV;
  • Has assembled, installed and cabled 175 m high towers crossing the St-Lawrence River over a distance of 3 km;
  • Using only helicopters, over extremely inaccessible land, built a 69 kV line on 700 aluminium towers over a distance of 200 km;
  • Insulated a sky wire on a live 735 kV transmission line on 1,200 towers, using the Helinas method (helicopter work);
  • Conceived, supplied and built 500 km of 225 kV transmission line in desert environment in Senegal and Mauritania.

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