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President's message

For the past 50 years, GLR has been building aerial power transmission networks on a scale as big as its love for challenge itself.

Immense spaces, difficult right-of-ways and the risks inherent tot the job are the kind of obstacles that the GLR team successfully overcomes on a daily basis, using the latest in specialized equipment and techniques. Since 1970, company staff has demonstrated unwavering dedication to quality at every phase of every project. They have developed a reputation for getting the job done on time and on budget, a commitment at the very heart of the GLR corporate mission and management philosophy and a key element in the company's ongoing success. With its specialized know-how, solid track record, advanced technical resources and innovative and experienced team, GLR is one of the leading firms in its field in Canada. Now the company is making its know-how available worldwide.

The mission of the company is to satisfy customers by guaranteeing high quality, efficient transmission, transformation and distribution of energy, on time, on budget, and in a safe and environmentally friendy way.

GLR succeeded in maintaining exceptional employees, such as engineers, technicians, linesmen, experts in high voltage and sophisticated equipment operators, which greatly contributed with each and every projects to the company’s reliability and enabling GLR to develop its own technology.

GLR also works in close partnership with several sister companies, notably EBC Inc., a company whose name is synonymous with success.

Due to its vast experience in the field, GLR can easily offer a complete service to the energy suppliers of Canada as well as other countries.

I look forward to meeting you !

Martin Chagnon, eng.
President & General Manager, GLR inc.