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Energy in motion


Ensuring efficient and safe energy transmission requires careful planning, a thorough understanding of climatic and soil conditions as well as specialized equipment and know-how.

Site Access

To measure the scope of the challenges facing the GLR team, you have to appreciate the GLR team, you have to appreciate the sheer immensity of Quebec's often inhospitable territory. Team members are accustomed to working in remote areas under difficult climatic conditions. GLR supervisors and operators have developed various innovative techniques to contend with dense forests, mountains of granite, peat bogs, lakes and rivers, and the permafrost of the northern tundra.

Safety is vital when convoying heavy equipment and transporting workers and materials. The project site is studied in detail to ensure that project planning is respectuf of wildlife and vegetation. The reliability of GLR civil engineering projects has largely contributed to establishing the company's reputation with Hydro-Quebec and its partners.

Civil works (Foundations)

Ranging from 20 to 175 m in height, the steel towers supporting heavy aerial cables are exposed to extreme wind and weather conditions and require foundations of exceptional strength and durability. GLR has the know-how and technology required to deal with any difficulties that may occur in the preparation of tower stabilization and anchoring components GLR carries soil analysis, base excavation, wire mesh installation, anchorage drilling, form and concrete work, and aggregate compaction.

Structural works

Once the access routes and foundations are in place, GLR transports the steel used in tower construction. All materials are carefully checked to ensure that they are ready to assemble and meet all specific requirements related to the type, use and voltage of the line. GLR is also qualified to erect wooden structures.


Installing steel or fiber optic core ground-wires and aluminum-steel conductors under controlled mechanical traction or slack conditions requires an equal mix of precision, planning and exceptional teamwork. GLR takes great pride in the cool-headed professionals who handle these delicate dead and live wire operations.