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New mandate: Montagnais station

May 6th 2019

The GLR team is proud to announce that it has received the mandate to work on Hydro-Québec's Montagnais station in the North Shore region.

Work consists in replacing all insulators for circuits 7031, 7032, 7033, 7051, 7052, and 7053, located near Montagnais station. Having reached the end of their useful life, the insulators on 453 pylons will be replaced.

Access to the Montagnais station is by rail or air as it is inaccessible by vehicle. We will use four helicopters full time for most of the work including accessing the site, delivering materials and equipment, and hauling away waste material.

At its peak, the worksite will have 70 workers.

Project value is approximately $12.5 million. Work commences in the week of May 20 and is slated for completion in September 2019.