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New important mandate obtained by GLR

October 1st 2019

The GLR team is pleased to announce that Hydro-Québec has given them the mandate to build a 161-kV transmission line that will supply the villages of La Romaine and Kegaska. This is the second-largest contract granted to GLR in 50 years! As the only communities on the Lower North Shore that do not yet have access to renewable energy, La Romaine and Kegaska will be connected to Hydro-Québec's transmission network thanks to this new mandate. A new transmission line will be erected between the Natashquan River and the village of La Romaine. Although operated at 34.5 kV, this line will be built with 161 kV wooden gantries to ensure solidity and endurance adapted to the territory's climate. Three new distribution stations will also be added at Natashquan, La Romaine and Kegaska. The work is valued at approximately $53 million. Hydro-Québec began deforestation activities in January 2019 and plans full commissioning in the spring of 2021. The scope of this new mandate reflects the commitment of GLR staff to overcome the challenges and will ensure work for the next 20 months. The team can be proud of its expertise and determination.